CFS Young Researchers
19 Mar, 2019

Young Researchers Mentorship Programme


The Committee on Fiscal Studies is comprised of young researchers, and recruits annually at graduate and undergraduate levels. The Committee is keen on building the capacity of young researchers by inculcating good research skills and widening their exposure to areas of research and matters fiscal. The committee does this through the Young Researchers Mentorship Program. The Program takes into account 5 main elements:

  • One on one close working relationships with Professors: The young researchers are linked to senior researchers who are working in an area of research that interests them. Young researchers get the opportunity to co-author with the senior researchers. They are also encouraged to author their own original work and get to benefit from the editorial skills of the senior researchers. Opportunities for publication of their work are also available to them.

  • Conferences and workshops: Young researchers have had the opportunity of attending conferences such as the Tax Justice and Illicit Financial Flow Conference that was organized by the Jesuit Hakimani Centre . The young researchers attend these conferences often in the capacity of rapporteurs, and in other cases, in the capacity of the social media marketing team. This helps them to not only increase their knowledge on the topic of the conference but improve their organizational skills as they get to learn how to facilitate events of such a magnitude.

  • Tax Talks Series: While senior researchers bring the key speakers to the room, the young researchers manage the entire process from chairing the talks, rapporteuring, moderation of the talks, reporting, providing technical support as well as promoting the talks on social media for the Committee on Fiscal Studies podcast platform. In 2019, the young researchers helped to organize and facilitate 10 talks. This has not only improved their organizational skills, but also enabled them to interact with various experts in the field of tax who have increased their knowledge base.

  • Fiscal Studies Students’ Association: Fiscal Studies Students’ Association (FISSA) is a student organization formed for the purpose of increasing financial awareness among the youth on matters of public finance and how it affects them. Further, the association is a platform for raising the voices of young people so as to increase their public participation. FISSA, just like the Committee on Fiscal Studies is multi-disciplinary and welcomes students from various disciplines such as law, business, journalism amongst others.

  • Inclusivity: Researchers with special needs are encouraged to join the team and all efforts are made to ensure that their specific requirements are met in order to grow as researchers.