Tax and Human Rights 



Tax and Human Rights (THR) is our flagship research project overseen by Dr. Attiya Waris. It is funded by OSIEA to:

  • Explore the feasibility of setting up a African Institute for Fiscal Studies.
  • Develop the capacity of academics and researchers within the African continent. This led to the launch of our Journal on Financing for Development.
  • Develop short training courses on taxation.
  • Host Tax Talks Series to contribute to tax literacy.
  • Support international travel of CFS members to attend OECD and UN Tax Committee meetings. 

With the setting up of CFS came the THR project to support the financing of our activities and giving us the stability needed to engage in scholarship, training and advocacy. Under this project, a Rapid Response Unit was created to fast track and make publicly available fiscal data as it related to government approaches to mitigate against COVID-19 shocks. 

Under this project, policy briefs have been authored to provide recommendations to the UN Tax Committee on tax proposals intended towards raising developing country voices and protecting their fiscal space. The following authors are currently writing policy briefs for CFS:

  1. Professor Annette Oguttu
  2. John Bush
  3. Michael Durst
  4. Ogbu Okanga
  5. Abdul Muheet Chowdhury
  6. Joshua Mogaka
  7. Bosire Nyamori