ADHR - Policy Engagements + Workshops


Event 1: A conversation between Dr. Lyla Latif and Professor Attiya Waris, the current UN Independent Expert on Foreign Debt and Human Rights on the policy implications of debt on human rights. Their conversation explored questions around the politics and law around tax, debt and development.

Event 2: Dr. Lyla Latif speaking on how debt conditions have shaped the financial ordering of African states, keeping their fiscal space and capacity dependent on international markets and foreign capital. The conference was paramount for ADHR to recommend measures to support research, clarity and participation in fiscal policymaking on debt and human rights.

Event 3: Dr. Lyla Latif discusses debt and debt related illicit financial flows within the SADC region at the academic conference hosted by the United Nations Office of the Special Adviser on Africa. The basis of Lyla's discussion was a working paper written as part of ADHR's research group on Debt Sustainability and Debt Related IFFs. The objective was to support research, clarity and transparency in fiscal policy making related to debt by proposing policy measures to ensure transparency in the negotiation and governance of resource backed loans and curbing of vulture funds, debt to equity swaps and abuse of thin cap rules.

Event 4: A discussion on the historical legacies of international tax at the KESRA/ICTD conference in June 2023 (starting at 55 minutes is a discussion by Dr. Lyla Latif on the historical neglect of African voices in formulating international taxation

Event 5: CFS Workshop on Alternatives to DRM: The role of Islamic Finance. Broadcasted on Horizon TV



Event 6: CFS workshop on the economic situation resulting from high incidences of public debt was broadcast on Horizon TV. The keynote address to kick start the workshop was given by Senator Omkiya Omtatah.