CFS Governance Structure and Policies

Listen to our Avatar Elimu Explaining How CFS is Structured and Governed.


CFS is governed by an Executive Board. Its membership constitutes of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Researchers, Fellows and Interns who are all responsible for cooperating and coordinating the activities of CFS. The Executive Board meets four times annually to discuss the realisation of CFS goals. CFS is assisted by a support staff (Administration, Finance, HR and ICT officers) who provide the necessary administrative functions for the discharge of CFS functions. 

At the operational level, the Chairperson is responsible for leading CFS through its vision and strategic goals which are annually set out by the Chairperson. Program Leads for Research, Training & Capacity Building, Influence & Intervention, Mentorship, and Publications work closely with the Chairperson and report to the latter on their deliverables. The current program leads are:

1. Research - Dr. Lyla Latif

2. Training and Capacity Building - Dr. Parita Shah and Bosire Nyamori

3. Influence and Intervention - Dr. Attiya Waris and Dr. Lyla Latif

4. Mentorship - Mary Ongore 

5. Publications - Dr. Attiya Waris 

Since CFS is affiliated with the Faculty of Law (University of Nairobi), its administrative governance is also supported by the Faculty. The Faculty of Law authorizes and approves grant administration.

Partnerships with CFS are approved by the Vice Chancellor's office.


At CFS, we firmly believe that the backbone of our continued success and industry excellence is deeply rooted in the strength of our leadership and the cohesion of our team management. Leadership is not just about guiding; it's about inspiring every member of our team to reach their full potential. Similarly, effective team management isn't merely about coordination; it's about creating a synergy that elevates our collective performance to new heights.

In our commitment to nurturing these core values within our vibrant community, we asked Holby Training Solutions — a leader in the professional development arena to create a PowerPoint presentation designed to not only educate but also to engage and inspire our team members in the fundamentals and nuances of effective leadership and team management. Click below to download the PPT and CFS policy documents.