African Debt and Human Rights Podcast


Conversation with Winnie Kemunto Mageto (Economist) on 'Resolving the Debt Sustainability Issues in East Africa from a Legal and Political Perspective'.


Conversation with Omar Saleh on 'Intervention using Islamic Social Finance to Relieve Foreign Debt Pressures'.


Conversation with Winnie Nkatha (Economist) on 'Resolving the Debt Sustainability issues from a legal and political perspective in Kenya'.


Tune in to a thought-provoking discussion on wealth taxation from a feminist perspective in this two-part podcast series. Featuring insightful perspectives from our chair, Dr. Lyla Latif. This series explores the implications of wealth taxes for gender equality and social justice. From examining the historical context of wealth inequality to considering the potential impact of wealth taxes on women and marginalised groups, this podcast offers a comprehensive and nuanced exploration of an important topic. Don't miss out on this engaging and informative discussion on the intersection of wealth taxation and feminism. Listen now here:





Conversatios led by Holby Solutions with the youth in Mombasa as part of CFS outreach activities

Conversations led by Pivot Assets on behalf of CFS under the ADHR Project. The question tackled addresses whether public debt is getting in the way of human rights.